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The Bedroom

Decorating your baby’s room

Preparing the baby’s room is a pleasure for parents. It is the opportunity to completely create a warm and exciting environment for your baby. It gives you the opportunity to go shopping, to find the best theme and colors to suite your imagination.

Things seem to get more complicated however when it comes to choosing the bed, mattress, and all the bedding in general..

What is essential? What are my options? There are so many questions to ask. We will help answer them for you.

Bath and Change

The Baby’s Bath…

The bath normally is given in the morning or evening depending on your preference or schedule. In choosing where and how to give your baby a bath, remember that you and your baby need to be comfortable and that this moment should be special and enjoyable for both of you.

The Travel

Travelling with your baby…

Take a walk, go to the paediatrician or family weekend, opportunities to move with her child are numerous. What are the necessary purchases?

When, taking baby out, it will be difficult to pass on the pram or stroller as they are pratical. They are often changing: from a single frame, you can secure the pram, the basket and the hammock. Carrying the baby or using a Sling, which are both useful, do not allow the same freedom.


Even before birth, you need to decide whether or not to breastfeed your baby. It is a personal choice that you can discuss with your doctor or midwife during preparation for childbirth.

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