The Candide Multi Relax range was made for mum and baby in mind. The Multi Relax range have angled pillows to provide relief for babies with reflux or congested noses. Or the 3-in-1 pillow is the first convertible maternity pillow that can be used by both mum and baby, It can be used as a maternity pillow pre-delivery, breastfeeding pillow or a cosy resting pillow for you baby.Choosing a pillow to suit your growing child’s can be confusing. Our Candide collection has everything to suit a newborn to a growing toddler. We have Panda pillows that support and elevate your newborn’s head whilst helping to retain a round head shape. The block wedged pillows consisting of two blocks of foam that are adjustable to keep your baby in position whilst sleeping. Or the 15 or 25 degree angled wedge pillow with an incline to help ease breathing and digestion. There are pillows suited for children aged from 2 to 10 years old that provide superior comfort and support as your child sleeps. All made from hypoallergenic material.

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